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Private School Affidavit Filing Period:  Oct. 1-15

First time homeschoolers

First time homeschoolers, Filing a private school affidavit (PSA), may file anytime during the school year, unless you become your own school at the beginning of a school year at which time, you would wait until the October 1st through 15th filing period. The CDE does not accept affidavits during the months of August and September, even if your school begins during these months. The current PSA is only for the current school year. You will need to file annually if you continue to homeschool after the current school year.

Continuing homeschoolers

Continuing homeschoolers that homeschool via a private school affidavit (PSA), the filing period is Oct. 1 through Oct. 15, 2016.  PLEASE DO NOT FILE BEFORE OCT. 1! The CDE does not accept affidavits during the months of August and September, even if your school begins during these months. For more information about the PSA, click here.

You can either use this web address for the on-line form (under 6 students) is:  http://www3.cde.ca.gov/psa/form.asp?formtype=blank or click on the button below.

On-line form to file 2016-2017 PSA

Chrome users are experiencing issues with submitting the PSA: You will need to switch to another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

CHN updated in the instructions, when the PSA became available. There were no changes as compared to the prior year’s form. Click the button below to access CHN’s easy to use, line-by-line directions for filing the PSA for the 2016-2017 school year.

CHN’s line-by-line instructions for 2016-2017 PSA





Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilinCalifornia Homeschool Records and Resource Guide Digital Download: Forms and information to streamline and enhance your homeschool experience.

Includes all forms you’ll need to establish and keep records for your Private School Affidavit (PSA) homeschool plus curriculum aids, reading lists, chore charts, support group helps, and more.  For a complete listing of the contents, click here.

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Grandmother and granddaughter reading and smilingCalifornia Homeschool Network is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of parents to educate their children. Our website provides information about CHN, current state and federal legislation affecting homeschooling families, and how to get started educating your children at home.

California law requires that all children between the ages of 6 and 18 attend a public full-time day school unless they are exempted. Understanding your options and abiding by the law will help you avoid truancy.

To learn more about homeschooling, visit our How to Homeschool page! You will find a wealth of information there, including Frequently Asked Questions, info on record-keeping, preschool, high school, and so much more! If you need assistance, feel free to contact CHN.

California Legislation

AB 713:  Mandatory Kindergarten

CHN strongly opposed this bill.  AB 713 did not advance out of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Click here for current updates, analysis, and more information.

SB 277:  Elimination of Personal Belief Exemption for Immunizations

CHN strongly opposed this bill which has now been signed into law.  Click here for analysis of how this bill will affect you.





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