CHN Family Expo is for Families New to Homeschooling

It is estimated that there are now nearly 200,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 17 being homeschooled in California, according to, and the number continues to rise as homeschooling gains popularity.  Along with that growth is the ever increasing tide of resources and opportunities for homeschooling families, it can be overwhelming.  If you’re new to homeschooling where do you begin? Fortunately, CHN is here to help you sort it out and find your way to the path that is right for your family.  We have a website that can answer many of the questions of families who are just beginning their journey. CHN also supports and encourages community with yearly events including camping trips, family picnics and every summer CHN offers a wonderful four day Family Expo.  Four days filled with workshops, knowledgeable speakers, fun activities and opportunities to talk to other families who have already been homeschooling for a while.

Come Meet Your Community

At the CHN Family Expo you will be surrounded by other homeschooling families giving you the opportunity to get a feel for the community as a whole.  Experience kids who are free to explore and interact with people of all ages, meet families from many different backgrounds and life styles, get a glimpse of the variety of ways there are to educate children from school-at-home to charter schools to child-led learning, and more. The homeschooling community is filled with a rich diversity of heritage and learning and the CHN Family Expo is a great place to see it all working together.

Veterans of the Homeschooling Community, a Wonderful Resource  

Families who have been homeschooling for many years can tell you much about their journey and can provide valuable information and advice. Veterans are always happy to share their stories because they remember being new and feeling overwhelmed.  Even the older teens who have been homeschooled most, or even all, of their lives can give you wonderful insight to help you along your way. Don’t be shy about stopping and chatting with anyone you see who has older kids, chances are they’ve been at it a while and can give you a new perspective on what it means to homeschool your kids.

Sessions, Workshops, Speakers and More

At the CHN Family Expo we have a special session track called Homeschooling 101 that is just for those who are new to homeschooling or even just thinking about it. The Thursday Homeschooling 101 session is free to all and if you find it helpful you can register and take advantage of the full track which will include sessions on how to get started, the legal aspects, academics, homeschooling methods and more. Plus, once registered, you and your family will have full access to all of the other sessions, speakers and workshops. Our featured speakers include, David Albert  will talk on issues related to child-directed, family-centered learning and related matters;  Sue Patterson, a life coach and mentor, will help families who are leaving the school system navigate their new homeschooling world; Blair Lee will speak about science, travel, service projects, and handcrafting an education and Jeremy Stuart, who was the director of the documentary Class Dismissed about a family’s journey away from traditional schooling, will host a Q&A after a  screening of Class Dismissed.  There will be a raffle with terrific prizes; a vendor room where you can shop for curriculum, games, books and more; a talent show; Used Curriculum & Family Entrepreneurial Sale; a Graduation Ceremony for High School aged kids and much more.

Activities and Rooms Just for the Kids 

The CHN Family Expo isn’t just for adults, bring the whole family for engaging activities and special rooms geared towards all ages. We have a Tots and Tykes room filled with engaging toys and furniture for you and your tot to take a break from the bustle of the Expo. There’s also the Family Village and a Teen Room, both rooms feature their own Saturday night dance as well as ongoing activities. The Tinker House will feature an engineering and electronic theme to explore. Check the schedule as we get closer to the date for planned activities and workshops in these rooms.

New Friends for You and Your Family at the CHN Family Expo

Homeschooling can seem difficult and overwhelming at first, but CHN is here to help you get started and navigate that first year. The Family Expo is a great way to connect with the homeschooling community and make new friends.  We hope to see you there!


Article submitted by Bequi Howarth

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