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Family Expo 2004

'Trust the Parents'

August 5th - 8th, 2010
Ontario Marriott Hotel


Expo FAQs: "It's Expotastic!"

Session There are many reasons to attend any homeschool conference including learning how to homeschool, getting new ideas and becoming energized, and looking at new curriculum in person before buying. The CHN Family Expo also offers:
  • One low pre-registration admission price for the weekend with no extra charges. Whether you call it a volume discount, or cutting the profit margin, large organizations like CHN are able to keep the prices down. As a non-profit service organization, this is important to us! So, no, that admission price is not a typo!
  • The pace is slower at The Expo. Relax and enjoy this educational and enriching weekend.
  • All of your homeschooling questions, including how to homeschool legally, dealing with burnout, preparing your child for college and more, will be answered by experienced homeschoolers. CHN has been providing this kind of parent coaching for over a decade!
  • The Expo is a great place to meet other homeschoolers and share ideas.
  • Your curriculum questions will be answered by friendly exhibitors who will have the time to talk to you.
  • Your entire family is welcome, including children and grandparents (free)!
  • The CHN Family Expo strengthens the homeschooling family.


FAQ’s for Bringing Kids to the Expo

Some people bring their children to the Expo and make it a family vacation, while others make it their adult homeschooling planning weekend. The choice is yours. The following is some information that will be helpful for those who decide to bring their children.

Will there be a lifeguard at the pool? No. The pool area is locked and a hotel room card is needed to enter. Marriott rules are that children must be accompanied by an adult.

May I bring my children to a session with me? Yes. Please sit in the back, so that you can quietly leave if you need to attend to their needs. Happy as well as unhappy noises can be disturbing to speakers and the audience, so be prepared to step outside when necessary.

Is day care or babysitting provided? No. CHN will provide quality parent/child activities for parents and children to enjoy together. CHN encourages those who bring their children to make cooperative plans with a friend or spouse, to share in keeping their children happy and safe.

Can my children go into the vendor hall with me? Yes! Children are encouaged to shop with you in the hall! They can help you select books that they would love to read!

Can I bring my stroller? You may have a better time without your stroller. If you have a sling, consider using that instead. We know sometimes it's just easier to use a stroller at least part of the time, so parking areas will be provided because there won't be room for strollers in most sessions.

What about teens? We had 100 teens at the Expo last year! Teens end up everywhere, depending on their interests. We suggest that they meet up at the teen headquarters room first and then make their plans to spend their Expo time there, attend any sessions in other rooms, visit the game rooms, or volunteer!

Does the hotel have food? Yes! There’s a restaurant, and even better for most, a very nice snack bar where you can pick up just about any quick food or drink. Don't miss the popular poolside dinners on Friday and Saturday nights!

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