What’s Happening at Expo This Year



Activity Highlight:

Free Play by Recess Revolution – Family Village

Kristin Shepherd with Recess Revolution hosts a Free Play with loose parts on Thursday, September 7 at 6:30 pm in the Family Village!



(Blue Oak I)

Come explore different mediums – such as acrylic painting, modeling clay, paper mache – throughout the conference with a professional art teacher available for light guidance. High quality earth-friendly supplies are available like non-toxic paints, watercolor, watercolor pencils, pastels, acrylics, papers, drawing supplies, modeling clay and so much more!



Friday, September 8th, at 10:30am-11:30am, Family Village (Redwood V)

Share something about your cultural heritage. Family Village’s Cultural Show & Tell welcomes you to share something from your family history with others and learn about their history. It can be a dance, a story, a piece of art or music, a photograph, a costume, or anything you wish to share.



Saturday 1pm-5pm, Family Village (Redwood V)

Visit Susan Nowicke and the living museum, EcoVivarium, and meet some amazing creatures, such as reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.



Thursday: Teen Fun; Family Village; Game Room; Table Top/Board Games

Friday: Project Fair, Family Talent Show; Teen Open Mic; Family Movie; Family Village; Game Room; Table Top/Board Games

Saturday: Family Dance; Family Movie; Teen Dance; Young Adult Mixer; Dad’s Meet-up; Family Village; Game Room; Table Top/Board Games



Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm, Redwood I-III

The 2017 Exhibit Hall includes Vendors, Homeschooling Business Owners, and Charter School/ISP/PSP/Learning Centers. The Exhibitor list is up and going and is updated as vendors finish the approval/payment process.



Friday, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Redwood V – Family Village

Show off your skills and talents, whether they be dancing, singing, magic, comedy, cool tricks, or anything else.
The show starts at 6:30pm on Friday and goes until 8:30pm. If you’d like to show your talent, there will be a sign-up sheet for the talent show at the CHN information booth, and we will also accept late entrees throughout the show so long as there is enough space.

Also note, we do not have access to musical instruments this year, so if you would like to play an instrument you will need to bring your own.



(Redwood V)

A place for all ages! Family Village is dedicated to free play, open crafting, social space and creative sessions for the entire family! Special events being held in Family Village include: a Cultural Show & Tell, Musical Petting Zoo, EcoVivarium, and Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures. Reminder: This room is open to all and children should be accompanied by a responsible party member. Children are not to be dropped off and left unattended.



(Boardroom/Eagles Landing)

Learn or enhance skills in knitting, crocheting, quilting, needle-pointing, felting, wrap & stitch basket making, spinning … and more! You can also bring your own projects to Open Sessions to ask questions and enjoy creative time with your friends! Plus, some great sessions to learn new skills.


Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures

Family Village (Redwood V)

Step up for some old time fun! Jesse Cross, dance caller and music man extraordinaire, will accommodate all of your hoedown and hootenanny needs!
Don’t know how to square dance? That’s okay! Jesse can make a dancer out of most anybody with his easy instructions and lively enthusiasm!
He will also bring some jug band instruments for you to try out and be apart of the band! Wash tub bass, spoons, tambourines, cow bell, wash boards, and a whole lot of fun for you to get in on! Join us for a hoedown on Saturday September 9 at 10:00 am in the Family Village!



(Blue Oak II)

Facebook group for more info:

The Game Room will include console games and PC games. Stop by to participate in the annual Super Smash Bros. tournament, a Minecraft LAN game, and much more! AND sign-up to host a session to teach/play your favorite game!! Don’t forget to bring your laptop!



Sunday, 2pm, Redwood I-III,

The 2017 CHN Family Expo Graduation Address speaker is Blair Lee.

The California Homeschool Network has been hosting a high school graduation ceremony at the annual CHN Family Expo for many years. It’s always a highlight of the conference.  Why?  Because it is a unique celebration of a moment in time when these homeschoolers lives are about to change.

As homeschool parents, we are so fortunate to be sharing an incredible journey together with our children. Walking hand in hand on our own unique path that we created together.   The graduation ceremony marks the moment when we come to a fork in the road on that path and we must let go of our child’s hand and allow them to choose which path to walk without us.  While we will always be there to love and support them, the graduation marks a moment of infinite change in their lives as they move forward into adulthood. Join us for this very moving ceremony and be sure to bring your hanky!



Friday, September 8, 6pm-8pm, Pre-Function Area

The project fair is for all ages. Come share your creative passions. Hobbies, crafts, science projects and more.  –  Need more information, contact Rebecca Quincel   Or   Sign-Up Now!   Past exhibits have included:  Art-paintings, drawings and sculptures; Fiber art; Sewing projects; Needle point and cross stitch; andPhotography



All ages – Thursday – Sunday, varying times, Sugar Pine II
This time is for playing table top/board games where it is a little bit more quiet than the Game Room.

Adulting Time – Thursday – Sunday, varying times, Sugar Pine I
Is the Game Room too loud for some board game fun? Then set aside this time to relax and play table top/board games, without fighting with the noise volume or worrying about the younger ones listening in to conversations they shouldn’t. Well, this is the place to go then.

Note: This room is just Adults, and the conversations and games may be of the mature nature, after all, several attendees have requested to have a room to play “Cards Against Humanity”.



Friday, 8:30pm-10pm, White Pines I & II

Performers are usually in the teen or young adult age range. Teens can play as a group or individually. 1 or 2 songs, depending on how many people are performing.  Comedy, poetry and other types of Open Mic performances are welcome too.

Parental warning:  Subject matter may be a bit more adult.  Use discretion with your younger children attending.  We encourage younger kids and their parents to head to the Family Village for a family movie at 9:30pm.



(Redwood IV)

Facebook group for more info:

The Teen Planning Committee has created an amazing program of activities, from Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon!



Saturday, 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm, Pre-function Area

Shop for used curriculum (including a multitude of books, curriculum, games, toys, and kits) AND products created by homeschooling children, parents, and grandparents! Best deals in town! AND there will be Freebie Tables, too!

Tables are still available:; $15/each.



Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm, Redwood I-III;



Saturday, 9pm-1am, Sugar Pine II

Young Adults, 18 and older, who do not want to go to the dance… Here’s a chance for you to just hang out, play some games, and enjoy yourselves.



The new schedule is currently being worked on, but you can check out last Expo’s schedule:!

We are still updating activities, so check back periodically!

And make sure to create your own account on Sched, so you can develop your own daily schedule!









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