Expo FAQs

Annual CHN Family Expo FAQs


When does Expo begin and end?

Expo begins on Thursday afternoon, September 6, 2018 at 2pm and ends Sunday evening, September 9, 2018. Attendees may pick up registration packets starting Thursday at 2pm at the Conference Area Registration/Expo Information Desk.


How do I register to attend?

Registration is open online at: http://www.californiahomeschool.net/chn-store/


When does Registration close and why does it close?

Online Registration ends: September 2, 2018 to give ample time for making the name badges and registration packets. Don’t worry, registration can be purchased at-the-door, but be aware that prices increase $20 per person.


To make it more accessible for those on limited budgets, CHN offers a payment plan option for CHN Members Only, available in the store. It will be available after Early Bird Registration. The final date to take advantage of the payment plan is March 30, 2018, so the last payment will be August 30, 2018… Just in time for Expo the next week!


What are the hours of the Conference Area Registration/Expo Information Desk?

Thursday, September 6th: 2pm-7pm                                       Friday, September 7th: 8am-7pm

Saturday, September 8th: 8am-7pm                                       Sunday, September 9th: 8am-2pm

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How do I receive my Expo Registration Tickets?

Registration tickets are not sent by regular mail or email when you register for Expo. Instead, Registration Packets are created which include important information, such as maps and name badges, and will be available for pick-up at the Conference Area Registration/Expo Information Desk beginning Thursday afternoon at 2pm.


What if I am a Speaker or Exhibitor? Do I need a registration packet or check in?

Yes, even Speakers and Exhibitors receive a registration packet and should check in. Please head to the Registration/Expo Information Desk to receive your registration packet, and check in. Please allow ample time to acquire your Registration Packet, which includes your name badge(s), as the Registration/Expo Information Desk gets very busy during Friday and Saturday mornings.


How do I become a Speaker or Exhibitor?

Speakers: submit your proposal here: http://www.californiahomeschool.net/expo/speakers/proposal/

Exhibitors: submit your application here: http://www.californiahomeschool.net/expo/vendors/application/


What if I am under 18 years old? May I pick up my family’s registration packet? Can I attend Expo without my parent?

The answer to that is no. All those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paid/paying adult Expo attendee to receive the registration packet. And if the minor is attending Expo with another family, they must have their parent fill out a permission slip for them to attend Expo under the other family’s supervision and responsibility, which is kept with the Registration Coordinator. Contact Rhonda at registration@californiahomeschool.net for more information or to obtain a permission slip.


Do I have to wear the name badge?

The only day that name badges are not required is on Thursday. This includes all kid activities, including the Teen Room. But it is a very good idea to wear it, especially in the Teen Room, to help the Room Coordinator and helpers know you are old enough to be in certain rooms. Younger children do try to sneak in the Teen Room, because face it, teens do the exciting things!

Starting first thing Friday morning, everyone must wear their badge in plain sight to take part in any of the conference activities or enter any of the conference rooms.


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Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another person?

Refunds may be obtained on registration, used curriculum sale, and graduation only if you notify us in writing by August 6th, 2018.  No refunds will be given after August 6th, 2018.  Send your e-mail to treasurer@californiahomeschool.net.

Transfers are very difficult as there are different categories and ticket types that people purchase and need.


Is there childcare provided at the conference?

We do not offer childcare and it is important that all children under 13 have an adult nearby throughout the weekend. Children cannot be just dropped off inside one of the conference rooms and the parent leave. We will be implementing a caregiver registration which allows a caregiver to take a child to various activities, such as Family Village and the Arts rooms, but does not allow for the caregiver to attend any regular sessions.


Can I purchase passes for the water park?

Passes to the water park are for overnight hotel guests and cannot be purchased at the Conference Registration/Expo Information Desk. Each hotel guest receives their water park passes when they check-in to the hotel.


Is there a curfew? Do I have to be in my room after a certain time?

If you are staying at the hotel, we ask that all attendees honor a 9pm curfew in the hallways. The hotel is filled with other guests too, so we need to be respectful of them. If you want to stay up later, please use the hotel’s common gathering space in the lobby until they close, or the lower level hotel activity area.

The Board of Trustees believe a curfew should be established during Expo. The Conference area will be closed at midnight, and all should leave the area at that time. Parents should see that their children are inside their guest room or another guest room that has adult supervision, no later than 2 am. When minors are allowed to roam unsupervised, accidents may happen, and sometimes trouble or damage, too.

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Can I help during Expo?

Putting on a fabulous Expo takes great volunteers, so please if you have an opportunity to help, we would greatly appreciate it.

To Volunteer at Expo, head on over to the easy sign up app by clicking the button below:

If there is a job you know of that was not added in the signup app, please let Bequi Howarth know at expovolunteers@californiahomeschool.net                        Sign Up Now!


We need help from our members to make this the best Expo ever! If you cannot volunteer for long, sometimes even a 10-minute break for one of the room coordinators, so they can get some food or a drink is helpful and welcomed.


How do I stay up-to-date with Expo news?

We have several ways to stay up-to-date.

First, the website page, http://www.californiahomeschool.net/expo/blog/, Expo Updates & Info, is updated as things get added to the schedule, speaker line-up, exhibitor list, etc.

Second, CHN has a Facebook group dedicated to Expo: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CHNFamilyExpo/

And third, CHN members automatically receive an EXPOsure email, with highlights and news all related to Expo. Now, even non-members can receive EXPOsure news by signing up here:


I have a question that was not found here.

You can email Rhonda at registration@californiahomeschool.net

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