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2017 CHN Family Expo’s KEYNOTE SPEAKER
— Dr. Arthur Benjamin


benjaminDr. Arthur Benjamin is the Smallwood Family Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. He has been repeatedly honored by the Mathematical Association of America for his teaching and writing, and was recently selected by Princeton Review as one of The Best 300 Professors in America. He is also a professional magician and one of the world’s fastest mental calculators.

Dr. Benjamin has given 3 TED talks which have been viewed over 12 million times. He has demonstrated and explained his calculating talents to audiences all over the world and has appeared on numerous television programs, including The Today Show, CNN, and The Colbert Report. He has been featured in Scientific American, Omni, Discover, People, Esquire, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Reader’s Digest. Reader’s Digest calls him “America’s Best Math Whiz.” His newest book is called “The Magic of Math: Solving for X and Figuring out whY.”

Join us during Dr. Benjamin’s presentation, “Mathemagics!” on Friday, September 8, 2017 at 2:oo p.m.




Also joining us – Featured Speaker, Blair Lee

Blair Lee M.S. is the founder of SEA Homeschoolers and author for the critically acclaimed R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Series. Blair has been handcrafting the education of her non-linear thinker for over 11 years. During that time, she has learned as much about how learning happens from him as he has learned from her. Blair is a passionate advocate of innovative academics using secular materials. Through her speaking and writing, her goal is to empower homeschoolers to dare to be innovative and create something unique and academically-rich when handcrafting their child’s journey through learning. You can follow her at SEAHomeschoolers.com. You can learn more about Blair Lee’s “Evolution in Homeschooling” here.

Blair’s presentations include: The benefit of homeschooling: It’s Innovative, It’s Eclectic, It’s Organic, It’s Academic; Handcrafting High School; and Project-Based Learning: Through the Lens of Politics and Activism during the weekend.



Don’t miss the Opening Session, Friday morning, to kick start Expo this year….


The CHN Board of Trustees Featured Presentation — Everyone Is Their Own Story

A presentation by the Board of Trustees, representing a wide variety of authors with different levels of homeschooling experiences.



                                                                                  Sue Patterson is returning!


Sue Patterson, wife and mom to three grown homeschoolers, began their home education journey in 1996 when they discovered schools were not going to be a good fit. After 20 years of helping families and connecting with others in the homeschooling community, she is excited to share her insights and experiences with us. Sue runs the busy Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook groups.  She also helps families through her homeschool coaching/mentoring practice. Find out more at www.SuePatterson.com and www.UnschoolingMom2mom.com




Wait! There is more in store… Here are more speakers the 2017 CHN Family Expo has lined up for you.



Edward Li

Edward Li is Co-Founder and Chief Encourager of Barnabas Robotics. Edward has spent the last 10 years working in hardware and software start-ups.  Through this experience, he has led teams in design, operations, and business development.  His current focus is to empower others by sharing a message of hope through technology and education.  He enjoys working with youth and engaging with the community within Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area.  Edward sees a future where people of all ages and cultures can build things in collaboration that promote education and strengthen communities.  He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2005.


Tricia Vaughan

Tricia Vaughan, former English teacher, radio announcer, and advertising salesperson, did a lot of stuff before becoming aware of her position on the autism spectrum. Based in the San Fernando Valley, she and her homeschooling family travel I-40 and other roads across the country a few times each year.




Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is a novelist and the author of The Pirates Guide to the Grammar of Story, a Creative Writing Curriculum for homeschoolers. Before becoming a full-time published author he spent over a decade training filmmakers and novelists in creativity. He was the executive director of the Piko Fellowship in Screenwriting, a long term residency program for writers in film and television. Then as a founding member and senior advisor to the Wedgwood Circle, he joined a team of artists, including major motion picture and television producers, Oscar and Grammy winners, the producers of Broadway plays such as Les Miserable, leading comic book writers, video game developers, and the makers of the Narnia movies to create entertainment that had a positive influence on world culture.



Abby Lai

A wife and homeschooling mother of two pre-teen boys, Abby Lai loves how home schooling enables families to be closer.  Understanding that the role of a homeschooler is no easy job, she has been involved in creating, participating and leading various co-ops – each aimed at supporting the homeschooling parent.  Abby values having a “village” to help raise her boys especially in recognizing her own inadequacies in teaching upper level math, science and technology.  Pulling in various resources, utilizing great teachers and partnering with other parents has been a major strategy in educating her children.    In 2012, Lai started Home School Coaches to further support the goals of home schooling parents.  Abby has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Marketing Management from Cal Poly Pomona and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Southern California.



Steven Angel

Steven Angel is the President, founder, and creator of programs of the Drumming for Your Life Institute (DFYL), a non-profit organization based in Downey, California.
In 2001, Steven created the Reading & Rhythm program which uses rhythm and educational tools in language arts to help students achieve higher grades and build their self esteem. Since 2002, Steven has implemented the Reading & Rhythm program as an in-school and after-school program and has successfully brought the program to over 50 schools, 15 learning centers, family centers and libraries, as well as 10 detention camps and 2 juvenile halls.



Mayli Levin

Mayli D. Levin M.Ed., homeschooling since early 1990s, grew up in a family of traditional educators but saw a better way. Mayli was told her kids would never be accepted into college but instead her kids graduated homeschool high school with associate’s degrees, high honors at community college and scholarships awaiting. Her youngest daughter was accepted into an ivy league school, but chose to graduate UCSC at 20 years old Summa Cum Laude in Business Economics. Mayli has worked as the high school director/ admin side of several public charters and knows the ins and outs of how to make the system work for the out-of-the-box students that colleges and Universities are currently seeking.




Talitha Sherman

Talitha has four children, Kira 20 homeschooled all the way through and is in college, Sadie 18 homeschooled until entering a science based charter and leaves for college in the fall, Hazel 14 and  Theo 10 still enjoy homeschooling. Our family journey now includes divorce and a working mom. Talitha is also a henna artist, tattoo apprentice, belly dancer, and former childbirth and breastfeeding educator.




Hannah Rosenthal

Hannah Rosenthal been homeschooling her kids for 5 years. She did not plan on it, it kind of just happened. Hours of frantic research and sleepless nights brought wealth of homeschooling resources and ideas for her family and families around her. Hannah was a journalist and an editor in Israel, a photographer and a photography teacher, who taught in many major museums around LA. She is well traveled and homeschooling her kids doing lots of field trip, the Arts. She organized the first homeschool underwater robotics team, and a homeschool classes: Physics let by a Space-X Engineer. Chemistry Graduate. She has been taking her kids to see lots of performances during school tear- all for free or next to nothing.



Eric Moore

Eric Moore has spent more than 20 years working with organizations that engage families and empower youth by providing them with resources and information that historically would be provided by high school counselors.




Laurel Morphis, Carol Palmer, and Kiley Petersen

Carol Palmer, Kiley Petersen and Laurel Morphis are three moms with a combined 28 years of homeschooling experience and a total of 13 kids ranging in age from 20 to 1. They’ve used inspiration from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, the Avengers, Doctor Seuss, Disneyland, world cuisine, The Lego Movie, Wild Wild West, Percy Jackson and more to plan their own home school curricula year after year.



Kristin Shepherd

Kristin Shepherd is passionate about introducing the benefits of free play to families and all of those who work with children. She has spoken at conferences across the country focused on play, learning and after school care. Kristin holds a teaching credential, a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy and recently completed a Master’s degree in Play and Playwork, although she admits that she has learned more from homeschooling her 9 year old, curious, expressive and energetic son than anything else.




Erika Schron

Erika has been involved with special needs since a child and became a homeschooling special needs mom in 1995 with their oldest son being diagnosed as autistic at age 3 and they began homeschooling in 1997. All 3 of their boys had special and gifted needs and have graduated from homeschooling. Erika has been moderating online support groups, advocating, consulting, writing & speaking about special needs, autism, giftedness, 2e and homeschooling since 1999 as Journey of Learning Academy.




Gregory Beutler

Greg Beutler Ed Has led the Positive growth and development of children in the After School program by Enriching developmental and academic needs by providing an engaging Science Technolgy, Engineering and Math ( STEM) enrichment experience. •Mr Beutler actively creates an environment that promotes inclusion, diversity and belonging through meaningful planning, community collaborations and on-going training and development. Through his company Techscool.org has taught over 2000 kids and teachers how to code in the last 3 years.



Beatrice Jones

Beatrice has made oral presentations for Chapman College, Sons of Italy,Jack and Jill Inc, Sororities, Juneteenth Celebrations, Black History and W omens Events throughout Calif , Ghana and in South Africa over the years. today I tech a class of OC Learning Black History in Huntington Beach CA that meets 2 and 4th Saturdays.




Mark Pursel

Sergeant Mark Pursel is a 24-year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department. As a previous detective, his investigative assignments have included child abuse, sexual assault, missing persons, robbery, and crimes against persons. Mark’s current duties include serving as a training coordinator and teaching police defensive tactics. In addition to his police experience, Mark began studying martial arts thirty years ago. He is currently a third degree black belt in taekwondo and a certified martial arts instructor. For the last eight years, Mark has taught free martial art classes to underserved children at various LAPD stations. Mark also routinely teaches free community child safety workshops and women’s self – defense classes. Mark has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles and the California State Assembly for his self – defense classes and safety seminars.



Lisa Cortez Barry

In her life before children, Lisa Cortez Barry studied early childhood development and taught pre-school while she continued her studies and became a Child Care Associate for the City of Los Angeles. Eventually she gave up that glamorous life and became a mom and a La Leche Leader. Homeschool life kicked in a few years later and that means constantly learning new subjects – like sex!




Maria Egbert

Teacher for Celebration Education and Dehesa Charter school and CHN volunteer

Maria is holding Homeschool 101 sessions for new homeschoolers.



Heidi Christianson

Active involvement in Leadership Education and homeschooling mom of 5 boys

Heidi Christianson is presenting three sessions at Expo. Don’t Go it Alone: The Untapped Power of Community in Homeschooling; Educating Teens with Confidence; and Teaching How to Think: Individualized Learning to Find Passion & Purpose.



Chris Epting

Author and award-winning journalist

Chris’ sessions for the 2017 CHN Family Expo are Hidden History – The Importance of Local Storytelling and Teddy Roosevelt in California.



Pam Dowling

CHN’s President of the Board of Trustees, who began her homeschooling journey in 2002

Pam’s sessions include Homeschooling 101, Homeschooling 102, and Life After Homeschooling.



Martin Forte

CHN’s Vice-President of the Board of Trustees, Learning Style Coach, owner of EIE Academy and Excellence In Education Resource Center in Monrovia, California

Martin, along with his wife, Caroline, hold a session for Grandparents. His sessions also include a Dads Session and casual meet-up, and Learning Styles.



Caroline Forte

Principal and owner of EIE Academy and Excellence In Education Resource Center and Developer and author of the “The Game Curriculum”

In addition to joining her husband, Martin Forte for a Grandparents session, Caroline presentation is “Game Curriculum”.



Robert “Bob” Basile

Bob Basile is a Financial Planner with Waddell & Reed. Bob has been involved in financial services for over eight years. He has a degree in Business Administration, and holds Series 7 and 65 securities licensees as well as licenses in Insurance and Annuities.

He presents a workshop, “Saving for College” on Saturday, September 9th, at 3:30pm, plus he can be found in the Vendor Hall.







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