Used Curriculum Sale

The 2017 CHN Family Expo

Used Curriculum & Family Entrepreneurial Sale

A gigantic Expo Used Curriculum & Family Entrepreneurial Sale will be held on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 11am-2pm & 3pm-6pm at the Great Wolf Lodge.  I only have tables for the 3pm-6pm shift available. Remember: It’s first come, first serve on time preferences.

Plan now to sell your no longer needed books, curriculum, and games, and pick up some great bargains too! Entrepreneurs are invited to sell your wares!

All participants may sell their personal items only (no businesses or foods allowed). Table reservations will be accepted in the order that they are received.

You do not have to be a CHN member, but you must be a registered Expo Attendee to come and shop at the Used Curriculum/ Entrepreneurial Sale.  And you MUST be a registered Expo attendee to buy a table and sell items.  The sale will be in the Pre-Function of the Conference Area.

 Who’s selling, what’s being sold, and what time will they be there? Either scroll down more or click here.

Check out the Sale FAQs

Selling Details:

used-saleThis year, the sale will be held at 2 different times: 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm. When you purchase a table, you will be adding information pertaining to your time preference and items being sold. Each seller, with time and description of items sold will be displayed on this page to give attendees information in advance. 

The idea is to have a good time selling!

If you would like to attend sessions, you could pair up with a few friends and take turns sitting at the table, or ask your teen or spouse to do it for you.

CHN will not be selling the items for you, nor is CHN responsible for any losses.      curric1

CHN will not be collecting a percentage of your profits – it’s all yours to keep!  The cost for a table is $15.  Add it to your shopping cart in the Expo section of the CHN store.

 A comment from past years:
“To be honest, the used curriculum sale was an event in & of itself! There was LOTS of talking about various aspects of homeschooling, pros/cons of various resources, and I even heard a bit of a discussion citing a session the person had been to!”


Family Entrepreneurial Sale

CHN is once again offering an opportunity for homeschool kids  to see what it’s like to create a product and sell it.

This year we also welcome crafty parents to join in on the fun!

We view this as an educational opportunity for the children who would like to try developing some marketable products and learn some skills.  The kids can have their own table, or sell at their family’s table. You may mix used curriculum with entrepreneurial items on the same table.  No food items please! The cost for one table is $15.




Participants in the Used Curriculum/Family Entrepreneurial Sale:

From 11am-2pm: Come see the following participants

Seller's Name What's Being Sold
Rhianna Anderson Clay Figurines
Jackie Geist Handmade Plushies
Karen Gough Eschrich Books of all types – curriculum – manipulatives – and handmade items
Lisa Bertolini Artisan Soaps and bath products – crystal confidence sachets
Amber Smith Homemade All Natural Organic chapstick and lip shimmer
Cindy Jaime Used Curriculum and Books
Maura Mikulec Lots of great books for all ages and curriculum
Heidi Brassell Home Made Jewelry and curriculum
Sonia Vega Used Curriculum
Sue Bruns Used Curriculum
Leslie Fauquet Books – Curriculum – games – Kinecks – bionicles – and more
Laurel Ward used curriculum –  books – learning materials

From 3pm-6pm: Come see the following participants

Seller's Name What's Being Sold
Gina Chapa updating soon
Zoie Vitug Homemade Slime

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I leave early?

A: Sure. This is going to be a very casual and fun sale, and when you sell out or get tired, it’s no problem to leave, and if anyone wants to grab your table to spread out, that’s fine too.

Q: How many people can share a table?curric4

A: As many as you like!

You might be crowded at first, but use the under the table space or just keep putting out new stuff, or take turns selling.

Q: When is the deadline for renting a table?

A: We’ll accept table registrations until the room is full.

Q: Can I rent 1/2 a table?

A: No, we tried that one year, and it caused some confusion. If you want 1/2 a table, you can find someone to share the table and cost with you.

Q: Can I attend the sale if I am not registered for the Expo?curric7

A: No, only Expo Attendees can attend the sale.

Q: Will there be Freebie Tables this year?

A: Yes!  Whether you reserve a table or not, you may bring items to place on the Freebie Table.

Q:  I have a question that isn’t answered here.  Is there someone I can contact?

A:  Send an e-mail to our Used Curriculum / Family Entrepreneur Sale Coordinator.



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