August 18, 2018 EXPOsure

August 18, 2018


Your information source for EXPO 2018
September 6-9, 2018
2018 CHN Family Expo
Great Wolf Lodge
12681 Harbor Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Presented by

California Homeschool Network

A home education conference for the whole family!


What sets us apart from other homeschool
conferences?  California Homeschool Network is an
all-volunteer nonprofit organization. The CHN Family
Expo is organized and run entirely by volunteers who
work throughout the year to build an exciting and
enriching homeschool conference.  Our goal is bring
together the community of California homeschoolers
to learn from one another and provide a fun and
educational conference for the entire family, from
toddlers to grandparents

While this is written to school kids, it has equal value to
homeschool families.  Important Reading.  Enjoy!

Getting Ready for Back to School: Will it be a
good year or a struggle?

The summer is often a reprieve from schoolwork.  With the new school year on
the horizon, a lot of families are looking forward to the new school year, yet
many families are dreading returning to homework battles and other school-
related struggles.

What can parents do to help ensure this school year will be better than last
year?  How do you help a struggling reader when nothing seems to make a

Simply put, if your child has a vision problem, it can make reading and learning
difficult.  Most people incorrectly assume that if their child can see in the
distance that they can see fine up close at reading distance. There are actually
more than 17 different visual skills that are vital to academic performance and
being able to see the letters on the eye chart is only one of those skills.  In
addition, the majority of eye coordination and eye movement problems that
impact academic performance are not detectable through your child’s wellness
check, vision screenings and most eye exams.

Homework battles often occur when there is no apparent explanation for why
the child avoids reading.  The child is bright, interested in and understands
printed material when it is read out loud by someone else. However, when
reading, the child may begin reading just fine, yet after a few words or a few
minutes the child starts struggling.  This is actually a sign of eye coordination
and eye tracking disorders.  Some additional signs revolve around homework
and reading; for example, does your child:

Get frustrated when trying to read or do homework?
Take longer doing homework than it should?
Have a “tracking” problem?
Have trouble making out words?
“Forget” to bring homework assignments home?
Skip words or repeat lines when reading out loud to you?
Reverse letters like b’s into d’s when reading?
Have a short attention span with schoolwork?

If your child has any of these signs, he or she may have a fully correctable
vision problem.  Please don’t assume that because the results of the last vision
screening were good that your child is not at risk.  If your child continues to
struggle with reading, it’s time to see an optometrist who provides an in-office
program of optometric vision therapy. Doctors who are members of the College
of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) provide specialized testing to
evaluate all of the visual skills required for academic success; visit


Are you sure you are ready for the new year?  How is your confidence level
these days?  Do you still fear the proverbial “Thanksgiving” dinner when the
entire extended family inquires about your children’s education?  Is your
spouse totally behind you, or is there a tension or conflict in respect to your
decision to homeschool.  Are your children happy with how the process is
going?  Are you happy with your homeschool journey?

If you are still experiencing any of the above situations or just not tuned spot
on then you should really consider attending EXPO2018.  We will have
something to offer that will provide answers and confidence to you.  Even
seasoned homeschoolers will benefit from the wide spectrum of experienced
and knowledgeable speakers and events.

The EXPO staff has been working all year (we will start planning next years
EXPO the day after EXPO18 is over) to provide you and your family a
memorable experience.  This is a “totally family” oriented event with family unity
and fun a major emphasis.  You will not find another California homeschool
conference with the level of family interaction than what you will find at

Turbulent Legislative Season Potentially
Coming Up

Wow, was 2018 a squeaker!  It is amazing how close we came to
seeing the entire freedom to homeschool changed forever.  If anyone
thinks our latest victory at the Education Committee was a lasting
victory you should really rethink this.  Yes, we were successful, but
unless we keep vigilant and knowledgeable we may not be so
fortunate the next time.  There are legislators in Sacramento intent in
defining and regulating homeschooling in the state.  This is really
serious and we must be prepared.

Recommendation:  Attend EXPO2018 and attend the Legislative
Session where Martin Forte and Pam Dowling will lead an informative
session centered on how to create a relationship with your legislator
and be prepared to fight the next battle.

Another important benefit of attending EXPO2018 is the fact you will
experience the true community of homeschoolers and realize that
when those legislative battles come up again you are not alone.  You
will not be able to experience this community by staying home.

Solution:  Come on down to EXPO 2018!

Exploration In Learning

Join with homeschooling families from around the state for a fun and
educational four day conference with sessions and activities for all ages.
This will be a homeschool conference like no other you have experienced.
The 2018 CHN Family EXPO will continue the trend of last year at the
same venue combined with some new ideas that will help you launch
your homeschool year.

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