CHN Fall/Winter Campout


Fall/Winter Campout

Carpinteria State Park

October 17-22, 2019

Registration opening soon!

Group camping at Carpinteria State Park on Thursday, October 17th until Tuesday October 22nd  (5 nights).  Members only camp out: $45 per person (under 3 is free). Price includes all 4 nights. Plus, parking fee of $10 per vehicle per night.  Sorry, we do not offer discounted pricing for fewer than 4 nights and parking fees are not refundable as they are paid up front to the park. Camping equipment is normally tents, but we can accommodate approximately 2 RVs (no hook-ups). — RV spots sold out!

If you are arriving in a car or RV, you must purchase parking at $10 per vehicle per night, NOT refundable, even if you leave early. So all parking will be prepaid on the first day.  Parking will be good from Oct 17th and consecutive nights paid. If you are not coming until after the 17th, please make a note in your order and email

Please add the number of nights you need for parking to your order, in addition to the number of campers.  Note:  A car + trailer combination counts as 1 vehicle.

Register for Carpinteria

Your camping registration order should have 2 parts:
1 – the number of campers and
2 – the number of parking nights needed

Don’t forget to change the quantity needed before adding to the cart.

CHN’s Refund Policy is below in the FAQs

CHN Camping Checklist

CHN Camping Policies

Carpinteria FAQs

How do the parking fees work?

Parking can be complicated at Carpinteria. We try to prepay for parking for everyone. It depends on the park ranger. If we are unable to prepay the following takes place: When CHN reserves a group camping site at Carpinteria, it comes with a “X” number of “free” parking spots. The attendants at the entry kiosk will let in the first “X” number of vehicles for no charge. After that, each vehicle is charged at the rate of $10 per vehicle per night.  In order to be fair to everyone in addition to keeping the record keeping simple, CHN is charging the parking fees upfront along with the camping fees.  When you arrive at the camp ground, your vehicle will either get in for free or you will have to pay at the kiosk.  If you have to pay parking fees at the campground (in essence you will have paid twice), CHN will immediately refund the amount you paid for parking in cash.

Who gets to park right next to the group site?

Car parking around the group site is first come, first parked. The only vehicles that get guaranteed parking at the group site are RVs and trailers. The number of parking spots around the group site is variable, depending on how many RVs are present and how picky the Rangers and/or Camp Host is about parking. The general rule they have is that your wheels must be on the asphalt, not on the ground/sand. The overflow parking is very close to our new group camping sites this year!

In addition, if you have a parking spot around the group site, but then leave for a period of time, you may lose your parking spot.

Once the parking area around the group site is full, you will need to park in the overflow lot. (Day use parking is also in this lot.) The lot is adjacent to the entry kiosk and is very close to the group site this year.

Note: When first arriving at the campground, you may park at the group site to unload – regardless of how crowded the parking spots are – we’ll find room.

What kind of RVs are allowed?

RVs or trailers must be a maximum of 35 feet in length. There are no hook-ups at the group sites.

Are pets allowed?

While the state park itself does allow pets at campsites, we respectfully ask you to leave your pets at home while group camping with CHN. We have had problems in the past with child-pet interactions during campouts. In addition, the group sites at Carpinteria are relatively small, and we will all be camping very closely to each other.

Do I need to bring firewood?

CHN buys the firewood for the group camp fire rings. Usually we have more than enough, so it is not necessary to bring your own.

I am bringing a child from another family that does not belong to CHN. What price do I pay for him/her?

If you are a CHN member, you may pay the CHN member price for children from other families.

May older teens camp on their own?

We will consider this type of request on a case-by-case basis. Please contact

Are there lifeguards at the beach?

Since the campout takes place after the regular summer season, lifeguards will not be present at the beach.

What is the refund policy?

All refunds incur a 20% cancellation fee, if you request a refund on or before October 3rd (2 weeks before the start of the campout). After this date, no refunds are are given. Please e-mail refund requests to

How close is the train station?

The Carpinteria station is an easy 1/2 mile walk from the campground. The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner stops there regularly. Teens and young adults will often take the train to meet their families for the campout.

When is check-in and check-out?

On Thursday, October 17th, the official check-in time is 2 pm. (The kiosk attendant will often let people in starting at noon if the site is empty.) If you come after Sunday, you may check-in anytime. On Tuesday, October 22nd, we must all be out of the campsite by 12 noon.

Where is Carpinteria State Park?

The park is off US 101, twelve miles south of Santa Barbara. From US 101, take the Casitas Pass exit south to Carpinteria Avenue and turn right. Make the next left on Palm Avenue and follow Palm 3 blocks to the park entrance.

Click here for a map.

Does CHN make a profit on camping?

We try to design the prices to be as low as possible, and our goal is to break even on camping.  If the campout doesn’t sell out, we often lose money.

Be sure to read our liability waiver below and check-out  CHN’s camping policies.

Questions?  Check out the FAQs below, or e-mail us at

When registering to camp with CHN, all campers agree to the following:

I certify that I am aware that certain risks are inherent in camping and related outdoor activities including hiking and campfires, and that I voluntarily assume all risks associated with my participation and the participation of my children, family members and guests in these activities.

I agree to release and hold harmless California Homeschool Network, its trustees, officers, employees, agents, representatives and volunteers from any claims for personal injury or property damage arising out of or connected with my or any member of my party’s participation in this event whether this injury or damage was caused by negligence or otherwise, and I hereby voluntarily waive my right, and the rights of my heirs or agents, to make a claim or sue for such injury or damage.