Volunteer at Expo

Want to Volunteer at Expo?

Our Family Expo is the highlight of our year with tons of activities for the whole family from tots ‘n tykes, to dads and grandparents but, the whole weekend runs a lot smoother with plenty of volunteers to get things done.  Below is a partial list of the many jobs we need help with.  You can just donate an hour or two of your time or jump in with both feet and help throughout the weekend. Keep checking back because as we continue to get closer to the next Expo this page will be updated.  In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the areas where we always need a helping hand or two. Contact our Expo Volunteer Cordinator, if you have any questions  expovolunteers@californiahomeschool.net

Of course for the 2018 CHN Family Expo is using SignUp Genius again this year…. Sign Up!

If there is a job you know of that was not added in the signup app, please let Rhonda Hamilton know at expovolunteers@californiahomeschool.net you can take a peek now and sign-up for what area and time slot you would like to help. If you can only spend a small amount of time, let us know in the comments section when you sign up. Sometimes even a 10-minute break for one of the room coordinators, so they can get some food or a drink, is helpful and welcomed.

Putting on a fabulous Expo takes great volunteers, so please if you have an opportunity to help, we would greatly appreciate it.

If there is a job you know of that was not added in the signup app, please let me know at expovolunteers@californiahomeschool.net

Expo Preparations during the event – Some of these jobs require just an hour or two of your time, others ask for more, hopefully you’ll find something that fits with your schedule. No matter how brief, your contribution is appreciated.

  • Loading the truck at the storage site.
  • Unloading of the truck and set-up Thursday morning. An hour or two.
  • Room helpers to monitor and keep things neat. Check in throughout the Expo or spend an hour, these rooms tend to get messy and need to be cleaned up regularly. Room Coordinators need food and drinks and restroom breaks, periodically.
  • Runners to assist the Board of Trustees. (Hours are flexible)
  • Information Booth. (Hours are flexible)
  • Young Adults – Our YA group has been invaluable during past years! They assist in various tasks throughout the weekend gaining work experience along the way. (Hours are flexible)
  • Final clean-up and loading the truck Sunday afternoon.
  • Unloading the truck back into storage, Monday morning.

Expo Preparations in the months preceding the event – Some of these jobs take a little more time commitment but provide such enriching value to the Family Expo, we hope you will be willing to dive in and make the best of it.

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Having volunteers is a wonderful thing but, it’s all made so much easier with a coordinator on hand!
  • Curriculum Library Coordinator
  • Advertising/PSAs – Get the word out to the public and bring more people in to our wonderful little Expo.
  • Expo Photographer (take pics throughout the 4 days)