June 3, 2018 EXPOsure

June 3, 2018


Your information source for EXPO 2018
September 6-9, 2018
2018 CHN Family Expo
Great Wolf Lodge
12681 Harbor Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Presented by

California Homeschool Network


A home education conference for the whole family!




Exploration In Learning

Join with homeschooling families from around the state for a fun and
educational four day conference with sessions and activities for all ages.
This will be a homeschool conference like no other you have experienced.
The 2018 CHN Family EXPO will continue the trend of last year at the
same venue combined with some new ideas that will help you launch
your homeschool year.

Here is a sneak peek to the adventures awaiting your family at EXPO this year.



Periodically we will be highlighting true stories of our members. The thought behind this
feature is to remind you that real people with real lives homeschool. We hope this
provides a sense of empowerment and excitement in relationship to your homeschool journey.

Our Featured Guest

Nicole Fallin Padilla

My son was basically babysat in a special education class from K- 5th grade, he was
so frustrated by 3rd grade, self injury started, closed fist to his face, holding rocks and
hitting himself, banging his head, eloping and hiding up to 30 mins at a time, saying
he wanted to die, I’m stupid, and I hate myself, was his normal talk. School denied
behavior plan, 1:1 aid. Started getting bullied , by 5th grade he had a teachers aid
pulling pencils  out of his hand and gritting her teeth in frustration, she bruised his
leg by squeezing a chair in between him and another child… my son out of complete
frustration put scissors to his neck and said he wanted to die… they barricaded him
from 10:00am – 2:45PM interviewing him and questioning him; mind you he is
intellectually delayed and has a speech delay so he did noting but cry for his Mom
the whole time. They wouldn’t let me take my son home until 5:00 pm.. they called
PET Team out to my home, arriving at 10:00pm and evaluated him, cleared him,
the next week a child was poking him with a pencil and my son kept saying STOP
but the Child didn’t so my son poked him back… unfortunately the led broke in this
child’s leg and they suspended my son for “stabbing” a child… that was the last straw.
I had to walk away from a 10 year career and started homeschooling him… he has
improved academically  and emotionally in huge progress, he went from preschool
level to 2nd/ 3rd grade in 12 months. He went from self harming to floating on cloud
9 in complete amazement of his abilities, he glows talking about how much “his brain
is growing.”  Thank God for the rescuing of my son. He is a completely different child
today thanks to homeschooling him.


Now that our annual camping trip is over you will have time to plan your next exciting
event with CHN.  We sincerely hope you have a wonderful summer but plan on finalizing
Summer 2018 at EXPO.  I can’t think of a better way than to be in a healthy social and
learning environment with other like minded families.    A time to interact with “real”
families that share similar experiences.
In the next few weeks we will be highlighting our speakers and sessions.



The following are 100% guaranteed to be part of our session line-up:


Presented by Pam Dowling

Join us for a complete introduction to homeschooling when Pam will present every
aspect of homeschooling from legal to curriculum and socialization.  This is perfect
for all new homeschoolers, grandparents and anyone thinking about homeschooling.
In many cases one parent is totally on board with the homeschool ideas but the
spouse is not so sure.  Another reality is that sincere friends or coworkers will present
arguments that are not homeschool friendly.  These and other issues will be addressed
in this all important session.


Presented by Martin Forte

One of the challenging aspects of teaching is to avoid the issue of learning style
incompatibility.  The natural teaching style of a parent will be determined by their
learning styles and if your child’s learning style is different than your learning style
you will most likely head into the stormy waters of frustration.  Learn how to work
with different learning styles and have a successful relationship with your children.
You will also discover how certain learning styles can often be wrongly labeled as
ADHD and what you can do about it.  During the session you will be introduced to
all aspects of determining learning styles.  You are of course aware of modalities,
but you will also be introduced to the different types of modalities, dispositions,
interests, talents and how environment influences your teaching styles.  Martin
Forte is a certified Learning Style Coach through the Learning Institute in Ventura.


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