July 15, 2018 EXPOsure

July 15, 2018


Your information source for EXPO 2018
September 6-9, 2018
2018 CHN Family Expo
Great Wolf Lodge
12681 Harbor Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Presented by

California Homeschool Network


A home education conference for the whole family!




Exploration In Learning

Join with homeschooling families from around the state for a fun and
educational four day conference with sessions and activities for all ages.
This will be a homeschool conference like no other you have experienced.
The 2018 CHN Family EXPO will continue the trend of last year at the
same venue combined with some new ideas that will help you launch
your homeschool year.



A look at what it takes to have a successful EXPO
Thank You to all our wonderful volunteers!


Cindy Jaime

CHN Family Expo Raffle Coordinator

Cindy Jaime is a wife, mother, Girl Scout leader, massage therapist, doula
and homeschooling mom to her 2 young daughters.  Homeschooling since
2011, she has settled into an eclectic homeschooling style and enjoys learning
and laughing with her family. High on their list of fun things to do are nature
hikes, reading, and playing all kinds of games.

As you read this take a few seconds and go on an imaginary trip
into the life of a raffle coordinator
.  This is a position that requires the
ultimate in persistence, organization, creativity and followup.  Her first
responsibility is to find companies and organizations to donate items for the
raffle.  This requires phone calls and letters and a detailed log of all the
responses.  One of the hardest activities is to find the appropriate person
in the organization that has the authority to donate an item or service.
Imagine in talking to a company of several thousand employees to find
that needle in the haystack.  This year she has made contact with more
than 70 companies and organizations.  After the initial contact many
organizations want a formal request which requires writing and mailing
an email or letter.  This alone represents many hours of effort.  Once the
company has graciously donated an item or service she has to coordinate
the delivery of the item to come within the EXPO dates.  After the item has
been received she will take the time to write a letter of appreciation for the

Up to now this is all done pre-EXPO.  Now comes the fun in selling Raffle
Tickets to our attendees, another time commitment on her and any other
volunteers manning the Raffle Booth.  Finally the fun starts when she has the
joy and excitement of drawing the names of the EXPO 2018 Raffle winners.
After the final raffle she can take a big sigh of relief but realizing that the
process starts in a couple of months to prepare for the EXPO 2019 Raffle.
Thank you Cindy.

Below is a list of items being raffled this year.  Remember, many more items
will be available at raffle time.

Organizations donating to the 2018 CHN Family Expo Raffle:

3-2-1 Acting Studios

A Faery Hunt

A Noise Within

Academic Chess

Acorn Naturalists

Aquarium of the Pacific

Autry Museum of the American West

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Bowers Museum

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Castle Park

Children’s Museum at La Habra

Chronicle Books


Discovery Cube


Flappers Comedy Club

Gibbon Conservation Center

Glendale Centre Theatre

Go Kart World

Golf N Stuff

Historic Misson San Juan Capistrano

Island Packers Cruises

Kidspace Children’s Museum

L.A. County Fair

Laugh Factory

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association


Marconi Automotive Museum

Mission Inn Museum

Museum of Making Music

Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

Natural History Museum

Newport Landing Whale Watching

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pacific Park

Pacific Symphony

Pasadena Ice Skating Center

Petersen Automotive Museum


Pickwick Gardens Ice Center

Planes of Fame Air Museum

Poway OnStage

Pretend City

Rainbow Resource

Riley’s Farm

Rubio’s Restaurants Inc

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Save Our Heritage Organization

Scandia Amusement Park

Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Skill Success

Star Eco Station


The Broad Museum

The Cheesecake Factory

The Critical Thinking Co.

The Friends of Santa Ana Zoo

The Huntington Library

The Ice House Comedy Club

The Pencil Grip

The Well-Trained Mind

U.S.S. Midway

Wheel of Fortune

Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum

Zone Club, Inc.

Zoomar’s Petting Zoo





We will be highlighting the speakers in the next several weeks to give you a glimpse
at the great opportunities awaiting you at EXPO.


Jonathan Bijir

Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Markowitz Bijur is the Executive Director of reDiscover Center, a
kids’ makerspace and creative reuse materials warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.
Jonathan joined reDiscover as a Tinkering Facilitator in 2010 and has been
Executive Director since 2014. He is a founding facilitator of Tinkering School
LA. With over 15 years experience in informal education for elementary and
middle school age children, Jonathan is a seasoned teacher, curriculum
developer, and manager. Prior to reDiscover, Jonathan led outreach programs
in art, engineering, and biology at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA, and
American Decorative Art and Native American Art Programs at the Peabody
Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. Recent educational consulting clients
include Iridescent Learning, Science Festival Alliance, and Santa Monica Public

Jonathan is a passionate tinkerer, artist, educator, and STEAM advocate.
Jonathan is Tinkerer-in-Residence at the Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center in
Santa Monica, where he led a student team to present at GLOW 2013, a curated
art show visited by over 100,000 people. Jonathan has a BA from Yale University
and Masters of Library Science from Simmons GSLIS.



Join master makers from reDiscover Center in Los Angeles for this discussion of
providing real tools to children, safely. reDiscover teaches creativity with real tools
and sustainable materials to 10,000 children per year. Learn how to establish a
culture of safety in your home, teach children to self-evaluate their tool skills. Learn
what tools are appropriate for different ages and skill levels so you can be confident
giving your kids a tool box that is more than a toy. reDiscover’s programs teach
children ages 7+ the safe use of cardboard cutters, drills, saws, hot glue, sewing
machines, and other sharp and/or powered tools.


Heidi Christianson

Heidi Christianson has been homeschooling her 5 boys for 16 years and has been
involved in Leadership Education for over 12 years.  Her love of the Leadership
Education paradigm has led her on a journey that has included helping found her
local commonwealth school (a homeschool community), writing her own curriculum,
public speaking, and putting on several conferences.  She currently is the principle
mentor for her commonwealth, a student advisor with a charter school, and a
Leadership Education Mentoring Institute trainer.



It seems that everyone is afraid of teaching teens.  What if I told you that these are
the BEST years of homeschooling?  Imagine having deep conversations that
explore philosophy and current events with your youth.  They want to hear what
you have to say; they ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas.  You learn
so much yourself in these years and both grow in unexpected ways.  Doesn’t this
vision win hands down as compared to the typical teen age behavior that we’ve come
to expect?  Also come and learn the ins and outs of homeschooling high school with
charter schools.  If you know the system and how it works, it isn’t as hard as you think!


Suzanne Cresswell

Suzanne Cresswell is an occupational and physical therapist who has worked with
unique learners for over three decades. Suzanne works to educate and provide proven
solutions and strategies to those that parent, instruct and work with unique learners.
By creating an understanding of unique learners and their learning behavior, she helps
parents, teachers and the students themselves find the ability in learning disability.


A child must be ready to learn. This is never truer than for those unique learners who
struggle in traditional settings. Most learning occurs first through the integration of
the sensory systems. The sensory systems and motor systems must work together for
the child to be ready to learn.

The child can use his or her brain more effectively and easily when the sensory and motor
systems are working well together. When these systems aren’t working together properly,
a child will have too much or not enough energy. Therefore, children need a range of
strategies to change their energy level to match their environment.

Let veteran occupational therapist, Suzanne Cresswell, show you how to get the sensory
and motor systems working together so your child will be able to learn more easily and
successfully. This workshop will help parents and students identify what effects their
learning, how to change their energy level, and, most importantly, how to match their
energy to the environment so they can participate fully in school and life.



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